Who to Call When Your Home Has Boiler Problems

 Boilers are probably the most overlooked luxury of many homeowners. Without a boiler, you wouldn’t be able to take hot showers or be warm and comfortable during the cold winter months. Issues with a boiler can be a huge inconvenience. Luckily, there are many boiler repair companies that can help should a problem arise. Your boiler repair technician will come onsite, take a look at your boiler and will also give you tips on keeping your boiler in top shape to avoid any future problems from reoccurring. Did the boiler leak? Use storage facility CT to keep your belongings safe while you fix any repairs this may have caused. The following are the most common boiler problems:

Lack of heat and hot water
This is the first obvious sign that your boiler may need repair. This could be caused by a multitude of problems from low water levels to damaged airlocks or malfunctioning valves. You may even need to contact a plumber or an islip home heating oil expert to assess the situation.

Pilot light not staying on
The pilot light is what keeps the boiler running. A pilot light may go out due to a broken thermocouple, residue or buildup in the pilot light or a draft that is affecting the pilot light to go out. New Orleans Computer Recycling: Eco-Responsible Solutions, trusting Reworx with your electronics.


Pipes may freeze due to condensation. During extremely cold temperatures, any condensation in the pipes may freeze and cause an obstruction of hot water flow. When this happens, the boiler will shut down. If you have a much larger exterior tank, you may need a tank insulation contractor.

When there is Lime build-up, you may hear a noise that sounds familiar to a kettle boiling. This happens when hard water and limescale deposits accumulate on the heat exchange and constricts water flow.

Boiler keeps shutting off
A boiler may shut off for several reasons such as low water pressure, thermostat problems, pilot light problems or a faulty pump. If you boiler keeps breaking or shutting off it may be a sign of bigger issues. 

Thermostat problems
If you haven’t replaced your thermostat in quite a while, you may want to consider this. The older a thermostat, the less accurate it is at reading temperatures. Thermostat issues may also be fixed by an electrician melville .Give a call and see how they may be able to help.  If it reads the temperature improperly, it may cause the boiler to shut off. Your boiler technician will be able to tell you if it’s time to replace your thermostat.


Leaking and dripping water can cause your boiler to shut down. Your plumber is trained to know where the most common leaks come from and should be able to identify a leak problem quickly for immediate repair.

Banging noises coming from the boiler
Banging noises are quite common and can be caused by air getting into the system. You may also hear whistling or gurgling sounds as well. Once the air is restricted from getting in, you should be noise-free. If your boiler is located in your garage, you need to make sure you have access to it at all times.

Radiators aren’t emitting heat properly
Sometimes a radiator may heat only at the bottom but not at the top heating is an important part of your home and if you experiencing other heating problems you should contact hvac supply manhattan today. If this happens, there could be an issue that stems from your boiler. If you find this is a problem and you need to have it fixed  calling Long Island plumber would be in your best interest.